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A seasonal range in pure silk is always available.

I will gladly fulfill special requirements.


The individual choice of belt buckle emphasizes the fashionable or classic style. All products are made from pure cowhide or from pigskin.


I can offer you a selection that ranges from casual to festive.


All hosiery is crafted in our own factory with the most valuable raw materials: cashmere, silk, extra fine and superfine Merino wool, Egyptian cotton, PIMA cotton and more. All yarns are double twisted for strength and longevity. All-natural raw materials guarantee wick-ability, hygiene and comfort. Special attention is dedicated to details like hand-linked toes and cuffs. In some men’s knee-socks, the elastic fibre is knitted in on alternate rows for 10 cm, guaranteeing a flawless fit and unending superior comfort. Extremely accurate manual controls and handmade finish result in exclusive, high-performance handicraft that wears well. Strict quality control is accomplished by checking actual measures every time the knitting machines are set to a different size or colour and double-checked during ironing which itself is done by hand to ensure consistency among every sock. 

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