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Let me do the work so you can attend to the things most important to you. 

We make shopping effortless and risk-free. I welcome the chance to show you our fabric collection and style options, free of charge, in your home, office or our studio. Together, we will create the perfect combination of new products or blend them into your existing wardrobe. You’ll be able to choose which items fit your personal style.


I generally suggest that for men’s suits and women’s two-piece outfits, we choose a basic wardrobe in grey, anthracite or blue, then cross-combine with fitted shirts or blouses to give you an essential core collection that can respond to changing fashion trends through the use of matching accessories that will see you through the day and night.


Trying on your new suit is an important occasion and I make it a point to personally deliver your suit to your chosen location within three or four weeks. 


We guarantee your clothes will meet your expectations for fit and comfort. Any minor changes are made free-of-charge. Alas, your clothes remain subject to the laws of nature so modifications required by changes in body weight are subject to additional charges. 

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